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Individual Out-Patient Treatment

Generalized Treatment Time Frames

For all treatment needs, including the third time DUI and high risk juvenile/adult probation clients, attempts will be made to phase an individual out within 6 months of entering treatment. However, the length of time could be extended or shortened based on the following: how cooperative the client is; if the client attends regularly; and how successful they are in regards to completing their treatment goals. Nevertheless, SCS considers treatment to be strictly voluntary and the individual is free to discontinue treatment at any time during the treatment process. If the client fails to meet the treatment goals and/or meet program requirements, then the individual will receive an unsuccessful client discharge although he/she will be encouraged to complete/continue treatment at any agency of choice.

First and second month: 1x per week ( 8 sessions )

Third and fourth months: 2x per month (4 sessions)

Fifth month: 1x

Sixth month: 1 x close and discharge paperwork

NOTE: If a person wishes to remain past 6 months they can elect to do so at that time or may wish to back out of treatment more slowly. SCS will customize treatment time frames based on the individual needs and wishes of the client receiving services.